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Guaranteed Tire

February 25, 2010

Guaranteed Tire
Mountainair, New Mexico
Karen Rivera

Long out of business, Guaranteed Tire was my salvation in 1975.

My rinky-tink ’61 Morris Mini-Cooper S supported legions of mechanics on its wiring problems alone. On one ill-advised trip south, with yet another electrial crisis, I pushed my non-working sportscar into Guaranteed Tire in Mountainair.

Even though the fix meant I had to forever after flip open the glove box to turn on the headlights, the owner of the shop was so amused that he traded the fix for a day tooling my 900 pound shoebox around at 90 miles an hour before meeting me in the Rosebud Saloon.

Guaranteed Tire and my Morris Mini are long gone, but the Rosebud Saloon and the original sign have survived.

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  1. February 27, 2010 10:35 pm

    Just the Rosebud. Not even the original Guaranteed Tire sign it seems. This one was created last year for a location shoot. The crew offered to remove changes about town but the town and most building owners said no, just leave them. So the service station stayed (reborn as it were), along with the Greyhound station and National Bank, both empty buildings. Meds & More did not have a name change and kept its storefront face lift.

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