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Snowy Morning Service

March 21, 2010

Santa Fe Courtyard
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Karen Rivera March 2010

One of the enduring truths in the food business is that no job ever ends particularly well until the dust settles. So what’s a chef with a conscience do in a time where jobs are scarce and the mortgage payment looms large?

Get in the truck, skid down to Good Bean Coffee Company, buy some locally roasted beans, take the damp, rainy morning off and drink a lot of Irish Coffee.

1 fresh-brewed locally roasted pot of coffee
1 very large shot Irish Whiskey
1 tsp honey
1 large spoon of whipped cream

Fill coffee cup with boiling water to heat. Dump out water and add honey. Fill about 1/4 way with hot fresh strong coffee. Stir to melt honey.

Add whiskey to taste. Add more whiskey. Top off with coffee and whipped cream if there is any space left.

Repeat as needed while searching Santa Fe Craigslist. Caution: Do NOT apply for work while drinking.

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