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Keith Shakelton ~ Antarctic Adventurer and Menu Designer

March 25, 2010
Keith Shackleton Menus

Keith Shackleton has always been one of my stranger obsessions. I found a copy of this painting as a kid and kept it until it fell apart in tatters.

Artist, traveler to Antarctica  and kid’s TV presenter for the BBC, his 9″ x 14″  Sea Cloud at Bora Bora made me desperate to sail the seas and travel. It’s too bad I grew up to hate big water.

I didn’t know he painted menu covers until I started designing them. The dinner menu below, from the P&O liner “Orsova”,  is one of 6 sensational bird paintings. I like that I can see his work without having to confront my phobias.

It’s also nice to know I’m not the only artist who created menus to pay the bills.


Keep a record of every picture you paint, have them photographed and write down where they went. Some day, when one reaches a great age, there will be calls for a Retrospective Exhibition of a life’s work. (Keith Shackleton)

See why he’s a man after my own artistic heart?

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