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Mark Tobey Pub ~ Vintage Seattle Menu Review

April 26, 2010
Mark Tobey Pub ~ Vintage Seattle Menu Review

Now they are everywhere, but back when the brew pub was a new concept, I designed the galley kitchen and menu for the Mark Tobey Pub in the basement of the Alexis Hotel poured tap beers brewed locally.Other times at the Alexis, I worked upstairs but this round showcased my first theme bar.

The menu I designed was a twist of traditional pub food and, while the service may have had a few problems, the food coming out of the 4 x 8 foot kitchen was fabulous.

And the prices? When’s the last time you had a $2.25 lunch?

William Least Heat Moon wrote about walking into the pub I designed and I think he said it best:

“Walking, bent under my pack, down Madison Street toward the Alaska ferry slip, and needing to get from beneath my miscalculations, I passed the Mark Tobey Pub at dusk. With time to spare, I went in. It was what they call well appointed, right to the blackboard menu: Scotch eggs, smoked salmon, mushroom canapés, brandied bread pudding. On the tap handles shone brands I’d never seen: Redhook, Pyramid Pale, Bridgeport, Hale’s Pale American, Grant’s Imperial Stout. Because I liked the name, I ordered a Redhook and drank, dimly aware that a fellow next to me was watching. The beer rolled and jumped in my mouth, my head; it made me drink with palate, tongue, cheeks, nose, throat, and – according to the fellow next to me, Brian Milbrath – with my eyes.”

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