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Provolt Grange Pepper Relish with Musical Accompaniment

April 27, 2010

The Provolt Grange (just south of the Williams turnoff on Hwy 238) throws a great party and occasional Farmers’ Market. Today I opened  a jar of local pepper relish that I picked up last August to have with the rye bread I made for lunch. It’s a simple throwback to the past that reminds me of the country fair and Mom’s canning.

And for a final treat: here’s the free downloadable audio archive for Shady Groove Live at Provolt Grange on 2004-08-03

12 green peppers
12 red peppers
6 large onion
7 large green tomatoes
small head of green cabbage

Put through a meat grinder, then add:
3 pints of apple cider vinegar
4 cups of turbinado sugar (or dark brown)
3 TBL salt
3 TBL pickling spices tied in muslin

Cook until the consistency of jam, about one hour.

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