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Fresh Cherry Limeades and Nana’s Famous Ribs ~ No Bones About It

September 29, 2010

Ribilicious (No Bones About It)
Pueblo, Colorado
September 2010
Karen Rivera

Everyone I see keeps saying (with what appears to be awe)  what a wonderful day it is. This must mean that today’s 82 degrees and sunny won’t last.

The constant comments (and last weekend’s Fresh Strawberry Lemonade & BBQ in Pueblo) have convinced me that it’s time for the final cherry limeades of the season. I made mine with the last of my own canned Montmorency cherry juice. It works with cranberry juice as well.

Fill a very tall glass with ice.
Add juice of  2 large or 2 medium limes.
Pour over 3 TBL simple syrup*
3TBL Cherry juice
Fill with soda water

Muddle together with straw and drink.

*Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar (turbinado)
1 cup H20

Bring to a boil, simmer 3 minutes, remove from heat and cool.

In addition to squeezing fresh lemonade and chain smoking Parliament cigarettes, My  Nana grew gladiolas. The Colorado City Farmers Market a few blocks away had them Saturday. I filled the house with them and toasted them with Limeades. Nana would have added a slug of vodka.

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