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Looking for an out-of-this-world job in NM? Spaceport America Seeks Deputy Director

October 22, 2010

Space Foundation
Old Colorado City, Colorado
October 2010
Karen Rivera

There are a few things that New Mexico and Colorado have in common. They have both kinds of cowboys: the rodeo kind and the space kind. One of the reasons I love my tiny old house in Old Colorado City is that it’s 4 blocks from the Colorado Space Foundation. It’s not as cool as Spaceport America, the new Commercial Spaceport in Otero County, but it makes up for not living in New Mexico.

Today, Sir Richard Branson and a host of New Mexicans are celebrating the opening of the 2 mile long runway, the first facility designed to launch commercial spacecraft.

Oh, and better yet? They’re hiring so if you’re lucky enough to have the background a Deputy Director needs, send your CV along to: Deputy Director Search Committee, New Mexico Spaceport Authority, 901 E. University Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88001.  I’ll be very, very jealous.

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