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Jack’s Model Pharmacy Green Chile Stew ~ Albuquerque’s Soda Fountain Classic

October 26, 2010

I was the cook for a year at the Model Pharmacy in Albuquerque as a break from haute cuisine. It’s at the corner of Carlisle and Lomas across from where Russell’s Bakery used to be. It’s an odd little lunch place with a quirky owner ~ authentic soda fountain, drug store and luncheonette. Fresh roasted turkey, baked goods, green chile stew, fresh potato chips and brisket to die for and all the old time fountain classics: sundaes,splits, milk shake, malts, sodas, floats, egg creams, phosphates, or Rickeys.

This is house green chile stew. Simple enough for non-cooks and plenty for a crowd. The recipes are just as I made them in all their anecdotal glory.

Jack’s Model Pharmacy Green Chile Stew

Heat 1/4 oil in a large kettle and saute 10 # diced pork until most of the liquid is gone. Add salt, garlic salt and cumino until the meat is covered. Add 3 1/2 # chopped hot green chile and 1 large can diced tomatoes. Fill kettle to the brim with water and simmer 4 hours. Add cooked potatoes and salt to taste. Freeze in leftover green chile containers.

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