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Santa Fe’s Living Treasure ~ Theodora Doodlet Tesuque Ruthling Raven

October 30, 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe Personal Shrine
Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 2010
Karen Rivera

Before the massive 2 year renovation project that transformed the 115 year-old building that is home to Doodlets, Theo Raven’s shop in Santa Fe had a wall of personal shrines, most of which were made in Mexico. I adored the concept and made hundreds of them since the mid-90’s out of recyled tin. In fact, selling recycled tin shrines at the local Flea Markets has kept food on my table during the summer for years.

I’m not the only artist whose work was forever changed by Theo Raven’s artistic whimsey. Her designation as one of Santa Fe’s  living treasures this year just confirms what all of us have known for years. When you stumbled into Doodlets, you joyfully became part of her life as I did in 1970 when I bought the silly iconic goose lamp I keep in my studio.

Theo has finally passed the torch to a longtime fan and customer, Lisa Young, but the shop still has the same charming mix of toys, animated oddities and, yes, they still have a few of the tacky, but wonderful iconic goose lamps. I’d hurry in for one soon since they are nearly extinct. Union Products, makers of the Goose, has gone out of business but luckily for us in Santa Fe, Theo has made sure that Doodlets hasn’t.



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