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Old Town Christmas Madonna ~ With Sunflower Seed Pate

January 18, 2011

Old Town Madonna
Boxing Day 2011
Karen Rivera

Visiting friends in Albuquerque’s Old Town over the holidays called for something easy, healthy and additive. I made a huge batch of Sunflower Seed Pate, some dark pumpernickel rye and cream cheese mixed with red jalapeno jelly.

Sunflower Seed Pate

2 c. sunflower seeds, soaked overnight
1 c. chopped curly organic parsley
3/4 c. chopped red onion
1 c. chopped green organic onion
1 Tbl organic minced garlic
1/2c . fresh squeezed organic lemons, about 4
1 c raw organic tahini
3/4 tbl coarse sea salt

Divide in batches and use food processor. Check taste and adjust seasonings.
Yield: A little more than a qt, about 2.25# or enough to take to 2 parties.

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